OK, WARFRAME for PS4 looks pretty sick judging from the latest trailer

We’ve been eagerly awaiting WARFRAME to launch and now, that the PS4-launch is upon us (at least state-side wise), it’s here. The latest screens and trailer (called The Profit – spelling error? Looks more like a Prophet to us) are out and WARFRAME may be one of – if not the best looking game on […]

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Warface is now live (for PC players)

It’s out and it’s official: Crytek’s Warface is now playable in Europe, US and Turkey on all PC browsers. Crytek have created a special graphics engine to allow even lower-end PC:s experience the game with high level of details and smooth graphics, whilst high-end PC:s will enjoy added perks like scaling and higher frame rate. […]

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Warface is just around the corner!

Crytek went out with a press release stating that Warface will be available to all players (PC) starting October 21st. For access, sign up at Apparently Warface is already a huge FPS-hit in Russia, where it’s been out for a little over a year already.

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Tekniser Brings Out its Tek 807D Android Tablet

Android tablets are getting more and more delicate and, in a way, complicated. Currently, even slates get the weights of classification. A 7-inch Android slate especially designed for gaming is being initialized by Tekniser, tagged on as the latest company to launch such. The Tekniser Tek 807D is an Android tablet with a dual-core processor […]

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Dospara Note Galleria gm690m is a Notebook PC for Gamers

Almost every day, the world of electronics receive more than just an innovation to add to its series of collections coming from various and highly numerous producers, manufacturers and developers. One man’s finger and toe nails will not be sufficient enough to cover what embraces the count. It was quite a well done for everyone. […]

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