Ultrabooks – The Future of Laptops

In the race to come up with the handiest mobile device possible, it’s said that tablet computers are currently ahead of laptops. Some tech pundits are even talking about a “tablet revolution”. This is not surprising as the new slates being released are sporting wider screens, faster processors, and more memory, while still maintaining high […]

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Gigabyte release Q1105M

Gigabyte have released an 11 inch ULV netbook but, haven’t publicized it much, with some saying it was a “quiet release”. Perhaps the reason behind there not being much of announcement is due to the outdated specifications used on the netbook. The Gigabyte Q1105M comes with an Intel Pentium ULV processor and Intel GMA 4500 […]

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15 inch laptops being chosen over portable mini PCs

Reports from a recent study indicate that consumers are choosing 14 and 15 inch notebooks over ultraportable devices. The most affected however, seems to be 13 inch notebooks. MSI are no longer offering their X360, which features a 13 inch display, while Lenovo will stop making the ThinkPad X300, another notebook that sports a 13 […]

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HP Pavilion DM1 now on sale in US

For folks who were waiting for HP’s Pavilion DM1 to make it’s way to the US after seeing it launched in Japan, the wait is finally over. The 11.6 inch portable device is now available directly from HP starting at $449.99. Normally the DM1 comes with a 250GB hard drive with an option to upgrade […]

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ECS Prepares Four New Netbooks in time for Computex 2010

With two more weeks before the much awaited Computex 2010 event happening in Taipei, manufacturers are probably gearing up their new products as early as now. True enough, one of them is reportedly preparing to unveil four new netbooks. Elitegroup Computer Systems, better known in the netbook circle as ECS is in fact preparing four […]

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