Childcare Experts Advised Parents to Control Kids’ Tablet Usage

Experts from another side of the coin have finally made a say with the raging control of tablets not just to adults but to kids these days. For quite a long time of being one sided users of tablets and phones from gadget experts, let this time be an open mind as another groups of experts deliver each of their perspectives the impact of such towards kids.

If one of the speakers, Warren Buckleitner said, “You can’t pull it from their hands,” then hopefully pray that there’s still something to be pulled from their brains. It’s the top most issue about child welfare as well “Baby Brains and Video Games”.

What other effects then regarding with tablet usage as Lisa Guernsey relates focusing on conversation without looking at a screen for 30 minutes? Could they still manage that?

The funny thing is parents are as well addicted with the same gadget and now under the temptation of making it as their digital babysitter. Truglio definitely stressed then the importance of the traditional adult-child interaction. As long as it is there, electronics stuffs can be forgivable.

You’ll be amazed with the values from studies on this particular issue such as:
• 15% of children ages from 3-8 are using their parent’s iPad
• 9% have their own
• 77% parents believe the positivity these gadgets can bring to their children
• Same percentage votes for creativity

via tabtimes

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Written by: Björn A.