Cowon V5W Does HD Playback And Spreadsheets

Korean company Cowon is showing off its latest product: the V5W. This small portable media player only has a 5-inch touch screen but it still has some punch to it. For example, it can play full HD on its small screen. The system runs on a Windows 6.0 CE base, but Cowon has changed the interface to make everything run smoother. This is because this isn’t just a media player – it also has an office suite, so you can work during breaks, and it also comes with several other features like games, an e-book reader and even a web-browser.

Here’s the prices for those interested – note the varying storage capacity and make your choice correctly:

* COWON V5W 16G : 399,000 Won (259€ – $327)

* COWON V5W 32G : 459,000 Won (297€ – $376)

* COWON V5W 64G : 549,000 Won (355€ – $449)

Source: akihabaranews

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Written by: Björn A.