Dell Mini 9 hacked to add keyboard illumination light

If you’re not apt with touch typing, then perhaps you’re one of the netbook users, who would benefit from an illuminated keyboard. It’s not likely that you’ll be seeing an illuminated keyboard officially any time soon on netbooks, unless you pay a premium for it. That doesn’t stop hackers from modding their system though, to make it easier to use in a dark setting.

Over at the MyDellMini forums, member vgr3 has hacked his Dell Mini 9 netbook, to include an illumination light, which lights up the keyboard. He took his Dell Mini 9 apart and added an LED into the bezel, next to the webcam. Not only that but, he wired it, so that the light could be turned on and off by holding the Ctrl key down for a few seconds. Of course, this will void your warranty and isn’t for the faint hearted but, if that doesn’t faze you, this is one cool mod.


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  • Jay

    That’s not an illuminated keyboard, it’s a dollar store reading light.

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