If you’ve wanting to have a netbook running on Ubuntu but wouldn’t want to go through the tedious process of installing the OS on your own Dell is offering a quick solution. But of course that would require you to purchase their Mini 10 netbook over the others.

Dell is offering an Ubuntu-powered Mini 10 netbook in the U.S. and Canada. For $399, you’ll get a sleek looking Dell Mini 10 netbook with a full running Ubuntu plus plus an additional hard drive storage options. This either a 64GB SSD or a 32GB SDD. The former will cost you an additional $125 while the later will cost you only $75.

But what would you get from an Ubuntu OS which you won’t get from a Windows XP OS? Nothing fancy really. Faster performance perhaps. Plus you’ll earn the prestige of owning a non-Windows powered netbook. And in the tech world that is tantamount to being a cool geek.

But that’s just my opinion really. If you want to find out the Ubuntu-powered Dell Mini 10 really works, watch this video instead.

Other upgrade options made available by Dell aside from the abovemention include:

  • 6-cell battery option ($30)
  • bigger 3-cell battery option ($15)
  • five Tristan Eaton-inspired design ($60)
  • HD display ($35)

via Direct2Dell

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