Dell Plans to Unveil Windows 8 Tablet for Corporate Users


An increase in the demand for Windows 8-based tablets may be what will pull customers from Apple to Dell products.

Dell is currently preparing a tablet computer running on Windows 8 that will be specifically designed for users who are in business. The company is planning to launch the tablet on the exact same date that Windows 8 is expected to launch. The release date, however, hasn’t been revealed.

The main selling point will be Microsoft’s Office programs which are deemed highly suited for corporate users. Dell as well is planning a tablet with a faster processor, better screen, and quicker browsing speeds than the newest iPad which had just been released recently. Moreover, the tablet-focused functionalities of the new Windows 8 may attract customers to Dell products.

Meanwhile, Apple is also bent on capturing the same business market. This year, its goal is to sell as many as $10 billion worth of iPad units, possibly undermining Microsoft’s stronghold in this niche. Moreover, Apple is expected to sell two-thirds of the 103.5 million tablets to be sold this year.

As many as 103.5 million tablets are expected to be sold by 2015, which means that Dell may still have hope for its ambitious goal.

via m.Times of India

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Written by: Björn A.