Dell Specifications Page and Manual Accidentally Reveals a 12-inch Atom Notebook, er Netbook

Words on the streets are saying that Dell seems to be prepping up a new notebook/netbook called the Dell Inspiron Mini 1210. A service manual and setup guide pages sitting right on Dell’s official site revealed this Inspiron Mini 1210.

Based on the leaked documents we are looking into a 12-inch notebook powered by Intel Atom processor which is common among netbooks. So, this raises the question whether Dell will market the 1210 as a netbook or a regular notebook.

Anyway, here are the key highlights of the Dell Inspiron Mini 1210:

  • 12-inch display
  • 1.33GHz Intel Atom CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • Intel GMA 500 Graphics
  • HDD
  • WiFi
  • VGA port
  • Optioanl 3G
  • 3-cell/6-cell battery
  • Ubuntu Linux /Windows Vista OS
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Written by: Björn A.

  • BriAnn

    Windows Vista & 1 GB RAM? I don’t think so…

  • Diddly

    1.33GHz Intel Atom CPU – instead of 1.6 – ???
    Intel GMA 500 Graphics – instead of 950 – thumbs up

    the laptop itself is bigger than the mini (12 instead of 9)
    *Why* reduce the processor speed – or am I missing something?
    Can’t understand this…
    this would be a tasty alt to the mini if the processor was kept the same.

    (Assuming Vista is a typo)

  • Diddly

    Can’t find an edit button there..
    but I see now that they offer 1.33 or 1.6 (a way of advertising a lower price than it’ll actually cost because *really* you would have to be *insane* to try to run Vista with anything less than 1.6 which is slow enough)
    Another thing that I remember noting on the spec sheets for the 9inch mini as well & would love someone to fill me in on -
    I see “8MB shared video memory” with this & the 9 inch mini..
    GMA 950 (mini9)should be able to leech 224MB & GMA950 (this mini12) should be able to leech 256MB, could someone enlighten me here what they mean by only “8MB shared memory”? I’m thinking of getting the mini real soon, but if they’ve capped the leechable vram to a measly 8MB it’ll be a no-go for me.

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  • pcgek

    A have seen the i1210 ( real live) for about 10 days a go. All the info a have posted here

  • marie Pezell

    I have order the inspiron 1210 intel atom from what I am reading regarding this laptop I am not sure If it is really all you say it is.

    Please let me know before my order comes if I am going to have problems. If so I will replace it with another Dell product.

    Thank you

  • marie Pezell

    Why am I having so much trouble trying to get answers from dell?

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  • Ronn Keflex

    Windows Vista & 1 GB RAM? I also believe in it enough