Dell to Offer GPS and WiFi Positioning on Mini 10 Netbooks

GPS, Wi-Fi Geolocation, Geopositioning. Call it whatever you like. Thanks to the popularity of the iPhone and other mobile phones with this feature, demand for GPS-enabled navigation has steadily increased. So, won’t it be logical that netbooks jumps into the GPS bandwagon as well?

Dell knows this and is taking an early stride by launching the Dell Wireless 700 location solution to its Mini 10 netbook. To make this possible, Dell is integrating an internal GPS card with built-in WiFi locationing in the innards of the Mini 10 netbook. With this inside the machine, the Mini 10 can now calculate position using WiFi access points or using GPS satellites.  The Dell Wireless 700 runs on Broadcom’s A-GPS and Skyhook Wireless WiFi position solutions.

Hardware alone won’t make this feature functional. Dell is also implementing the CoPilot navigation software that will provide the turn-by-turn directions.

In addition, Dell has also teamed up with SkyHook Wireless and Loki to push the location-based services. Loki is a browser plugin.

The Dell 700 Wireless location solution will support Windows XP, Vista and later on Windows 7.

Via Direct2Dell

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Written by: Björn A.