Dell’s Real Sputnik Ubuntu Laptop Coming Soon

Dell’s project manager Barton George reported that the thoughts which have always been focused on a real product to hit Dell’s line of manufacture range has finally been confirmed.

To build and revolutionize Dell’s project Sputnik, the creation of a Linux-based distro pictured to run on a very specified and identified hardware was put up. Finding success, Dell has been working so hard to detail out the final product with developers and component suppliers through the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook for 7 months time now. The said Developer edition units were released in the market last July.

With the work and effort given out via the XPS 13 Dell product, certainty as to the final product of Dell to be based on the XPS 13 has been kept tracked. For inquest on the launching date along with how much will it cost one and where will it be marketed, only vague answers could be inferred. However, it appears that it will be a “US only experience”; well, at least only for its starting release dates.

Specifications of the “refreshed” XPS 13 is still have to be thrilled as no information has been out yet. Nonetheless, since it will an XPS 13-based Dell product, perhaps, taking a look at the original XPS 13 would help. Hence, Dell XPS 13 is based on a second-generation Core processor which includes an SSD with 2.0GHZ i7 Intel Core2 Duo processor – E4400.


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Written by: Björn A.