Dell’s Windows RT XPS 10 Tablet Price Down to Just $300

Windows RT XPS 10

Just a month ago, it has been reported that prices of tablets running on Microsoft’s Windows RT had qualified deep price drops. As of the moment, Dell sustained the leaning by cutting the price of its Windows RT tablet, The XPS 10, down to just $299.99, a price bargain of $150 from its earlier level, and a filled $200 down from when the XPS 10 first went on sale in October 2012.

This has been the very first instance that a Windows RT tablet priced below $300 is seen shown directly from its manufacturer and is for the 32 GB version of the XPS 10. Dell is vending the tablet with some optional extras for higher prices. For the XPS 10′s original price of $499.99, you can now take hold of the 64 GB version, plus a mobile keyboard dock and a 4G LTE antenna that connects to AT&T’s network.

With all the low sales and radical price discounts of these tablets that measures running on the ARM processor, Microsoft is stabbing with Windows RT. This is based on the statements made by Windows CFO Tami Reller. Dell has also specified it still has strategies to issue future Windows RT products but specifics have yet to be exposed.


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Written by: Björn A.