Does the New iPad Really Offer A Faster Speed Over iPad 2?

Some take it for granted that newer iterations of devices are automatically faster than the predecessors. In most cases, it is, although it never hurts to check. In the case of the iPad, its history has proven that frame rates, movie encoding, download speeds, among others are considerably faster. But is it true for the new iPad as well?

CNET had run a test to check just how much improvement the new iPad has over the iPad 2. The tests were conducted on an iPad 2 with Wi-Fi and a 16 GB storage capacity, alongside an iPad 3 with 4G and a 32 GB storage capacity.

Among the standards used for the test are boot time, iMovie export from the front cam (720p), iMovie export from the rear cam (720p), iMovie export from the rear cam (1080p), Game load on Puzzlejuice, Game load on Real Racing 2 HD), Game load on Flip Ship, and App download for Cut the Rope HD Lite. In some tasks, the new iPad did perform better in terms of speed over the iPad 2. The differences in speed, however, are not very substantial. Moreover, for some tasks, it did the task in the same number of seconds, or even more.

The results of this may probably lead some to reconsider holding off on the new iPad if their main concern is only faster accomplishment of tasks.

via CNET

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Written by: Björn A.