Eee PC is One Year Old Today!

The netbook that created netbooks and which spawned a huge market for netbooks worldwide – the Asus Eee PC, is one year old today.

October 16th 2007 saw the arrival of the first Eee PC and since then the brand has soared in sales and become the ‘role model’ for a plethora of netbooks from different manufacturers and a plethora of different models of the Eee PC from ASUS too.

The Eee PC is only a year old but it is still the oldest netbook on the block and with the number of different models of Eee PC that ASUS are producing, there is still a lot of life in the old/young netbook yet!

Happy Birthday Eee PC!!

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Written by: Björn A.

  • Gary

    So much netbook news this year that it seems netbooks have been around for a long time already…