Faster Laptop Boot Through Intel’s SSDs

Intel is offering new Solid State Drives (SSDs) that will significantly decrease the time it takes for laptops to boot and to load applications. These storage devices also prolong battery life because the time that the hard disk spins is lowered.

When compared with traditional hard disk drives (HDDs), SSDs access data faster, which enables them to reduce boot times. However, since they are a new technology, they are also costly, and their storage capacities are generally smaller.

Some manufacturers, in order to offer SSD performance, use SSDs as secondary storage and traditional HDDs as primary storage.

Intel has already previously released SSDs, however, these earlier models are slower. A new series called the 313 has capacities of 20 GB and 24 GB. The former is priced at $113 on Amazon, meanwhile the latter costs $138.

These SSDs are designed for ultrabooks or devices which carry Intel CPUs and offer a fast storage device.

They are perfect for Intel’s Smart Connect feature, which enables ultrabooks to remain connected to the Internet even on sleep mode. This means that social network updates and e-mail may still be received in this state.

Intel’s new SSDs are created with a 25 nanometer process. On the other hand, earlier models had a 34 nanometer process.

via PC world

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Written by: Björn A.