Firefox for tablets sneak peek shows design highlights, UI enhancements

Avid Android tablet users will no doubt prefer using one of the staples of a good Web browsing experience when they are trying to enjoy the Internet on the go. That is, more people are probably relying on today’s most popular Web browser, Firefox, to spruce up their Web surfing experience no matter what time of day. Fortunately, Mozilla knows this all too well, and currently Firefox for tablets is being showered with UI enhancements of all sorts to make it much better than it already is.

The Mozilla Mobile Team is currently working on all kinds of UI enhancements that will “make Firefox awesome on tablets”, according to a blog post by resident Mozilla UI designer Ian Barlow. One such UI enhancement is referred to as theming. That is, Firefox for tablets is being honed to look more at home in Android 3.0 or Honeycomb. So you can expect it to be all minimalist and stuff, not so flashy. You know, like that unassuming little green robot.

The Awesomebar is of course present, as it is borrowed from the phone version of Firefox. The difference is that its tabbed menu appears on the left side instead to allow more room for results when the user is trying to enter terms into it.

Finally, tabs are making a comeback in this mobile rendition of Firefox. Whereas Firefox for mobile phones mostly hid the tabs to give more room for actual Web browsing, the large screens on tablets allows tabs to be viewable again. They pop out when a user is browsing the Web in landscape mode. In portrait mode, the tab menu gets minimized into a menu item right at the top where it can be easily accessed whenever it’s needed.

There’s more in store for those who are looking forward to all of the UI enhancements being cooked up for Firefox for tablets. For more information, check out the blog post on the overall UI design that’s linked to below.

Via Ian Barlow

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