Here’s something great for all you mobile warriors out there who hate typing on a teeny-tiny keyboard. Chin Fai Electronics Company just sent a unit to the FCC of its flexible Bluetooth keyboard in both pink and red with white designs. Most other Bluetooth keyboards either are too clunky to carry or too small with the best one I’ve seen being Apple’s Wireless Keyboard which is a tad pricey. We’re hoping to get more info once this hits the States since Chin Fai has no details as to the price or release date.

This would be perfect if your netbook doesn’t satisfy your typing needs since it can be rolled or folded to fit your netbook carrying case and if you have an older netbook without Bluetooth, a tiny USB Bluetooth dongle is available for a few dollars. It seems there is a mini USB port in there as well which some speculate is for using the device like a regular USB keyboard or maybe even to charge the batteries.

I’ve had experience using these and personally, I find it hard to use if you aren’t accustomed to one. The soft keys are nice though but you can’t touch type with it since it needs a strong push to register keystrokes. At least it would be spill-proof and great for outdoor use and you can even use it with a compatible phone, MID or even a jailbroken iPhone. We have something like this locally which sells for around $20 but it uses a USB dongle versus Bluetooth so I’m guessing this will be a few bucks more expensive.

source FCC via liliputing, wireless goodness

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