Gigabyte to Unveil the “Lightest Notebook PC on Earth”

The Taiwanese-based Gigabyte is branded as a decent computer maker– building real quality and performance PCs. However, this company isn’t actually known for giving thin product devices such as an ultrabook to consumers. But recently, Gigabyte is spotted on the road of mapping a production for what they called the “lightest notebook on Earth”. They are planning to unleash the thinnest product next week in advance of the upcoming Computex trade show.

Nevertheless, if this would be true, then Gigabyte X11 is truly going be the lightest notebook on our planet weighing at least less than the 2 pound Asus Eee PC X101 netbook or the 2.17 pound Mouse Luvbook X ultrabook.

Furthermore, with the connotation of being the lightest laptop, for sure a larger screen and a larger battery size won’t totally fit this notebook PC. Hence, other unique features or even a removable battery would suggest for this one which you don’t actually find in an ordinary notebook PC.

via ultrabook news

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Written by: Björn A.