Google and Asustek Readying Their 7-inch Tablet PC to Launch in May

Google and Asus are getting ready to showcase a new 7-inch tablet PC carrying the brand names of both of these two companies. This device will likely be released in May 2012, at a selling price of around $199 to 249.

This tablet will compete against the Amazon Kindle Fire, which has enjoyed great success since the latter part of 2011 when it was launched.

At around that time, Google had been looking for a partner to develop its new tablet PC. HTC was one of the companies that Google approached, although the two companies were not able to see eye to eye on the project.

Allegedly, HTC wanted to oversee the development of the tablet PC and was not amenable to manufacturing a budget-friendly tablet which might be detrimental to its image as a company. Meanwhile, Acer was also rejected because it did not have R&D capability. Asustek, however, was able to meet the demands of Google as an ODM and its record of creating high-quality product.

For its part, Asustek was interested in the tie-up because it wanted to improve on its Android devices as well as be able to study Google’s technologies in the creation of software. Also, the partnership could be their ticket to entering the US tablet market.

The new tablet will be the first to access the newly-created Google Play store.

via digitimes

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Written by: Björn A.