Google could launch own Chrome OS netbook next week

Rumors have been going around the web that Google are to hold an event next week, Tuesday 7th December, where they will unveil their own branded netbook, running the Chrome OS. The event was at first just speculation but, has now been confirmed and Engadget will be attending the event. This hopefully means the rumors surrounding the release of the Chrome OS netbook will also turn out to be true. Little is known about the Google netbook at the moment.

It’s thought that the Chrome OS however, is still in beta, which is why details are so scarce. It’s also been said that only around 65,000 Google netbooks will be produced, presumably mostly available to developers, instead of being a mass market device. So for those looking to get hold of one of this netbooks, you may be disappointed but, hopefully we will find out more information on the Google Chrome OS netbook on Tuesday.

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Written by: Björn A.

  • manifestar

    Buf if googles attack the hardware industry they will reign in the computer industry in less that 10 years…