Google Nexus Tablet Won’t Have Tegra 3 Processor

Google has scrapped the NVIDIA Tegra quad-core system on a Chip (SOC) for a cheaper replacement chip for their new Google-branded tablet. This, in effect, lowers the price of the device to a price range of only $149 to $199 from the previous $199 to $249.

The company, however, is still keeping mum about the specifications of the device. Supposedly, Asus is manufacturing the product, with rumors that the company has dumped it plans for the Asus MeMo 370T in favor of the Google tablet. This enables Asus to focus on the Google device and give it the best quality is possible can give.

Meanwhile, the new price range of the Google tablet will help it compete with the Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which currently ranks as the second best-selling tablet next to the iPad. Also, Google could have received an improved volume deal with the new chip. This chip could be by Snapdragon, due to the strong partnership between Asus and Qualcomm. Amazon reportedly also chose OMAP4 from Texas Instruments instead of the Tegra 2 processor because of the better deal that the company received.

Rumor has it, also, that the Google tablet could be named the Nexus tablet. Originally, it was thought to be Google Play, but the latter was discovered to be a rebranded network of apps, music, and other downloadable content.

via 2day blog

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