Google Sees Faster and Improved Future Chromebooks

Google having the biggest reputation as one of the leading search engine in the internet world must have been that one reason why until now the company’s trying out every now and then the bits and pieces of its Chromebooks.

A pretty slow and sluggish Intel Atom low power processors in the line of Google Chrome OS but at least at the other side of it, a decent battery life can be expected. Lately then, improvements have been marked as Intel Celeron processors are behind the improving speed within Chromebooks which could only mean that a lot can be expected in the future.

That future would be Chromebooks running in an Intel Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge processors. But just lately, a new code Coreboot BIOS has been slowly noted by Phoronix. That exactly supports the two processors mentioned and indeed future is getting nearer or have already come.

Now the real future is in your hands if Chromebooks can now be marked as a one good step or not. With still the ongoing buzz that additionally ARM-based processors are as well bugging in the background, chromebooks could soon be a faster future.

via ubergizmo

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Written by: Björn A.

  • EM4AN

    New, more powerful chips should make Chromebooks even more attractive to potential buyers.  As more people adopt Chromebooks more will also want to use them to access their Windows applications, especially for work.

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