Google to Sell Tablets Directly to Consumers

It seems that the earlier reports regarding the upcoming tablet from Google is starting to affirm. This slate is rumored to be called the Nexus tablet and will have a 7-inch display panel.

Apparently, this Nexus tablet aims to hit at least a $199 price to compete with the new iPad, Amazon’s Kindle Fire and with the Nook tablet by B&N.

However, this time, it’s not only the tablet itself is rumored to arrive this 2012, but as well, the Google’s own online store just like with Apple’s. A report from the Wall Street Journal said that Google company is planning to begin selling tablets directly to customers including some branded slates with their logo.

This would not be their first time, however, to offer devices straight to the consumers. Since Google already presented its own flagship Nexus One smartphone directly to the public in 2010, yet this course only worked for a short time.

via gottabemobile

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Written by: Björn A.