GoWorld Slider Ultrabook Spotted at IDF 2012

Instant-on, long standby time, thinness, and light weight –-typical features found on tablets that are sometimes missing on laptops. This problem was given solution by Chinese manufacturer GoWorld as they gave way to another ultrabook prototype at IDF Beijing 2012.

Supporting a 13.3-inch design, and very much like other hybrid ultrabook sliders nowadays, the GoWorld Ultrabook seen in videos out in the web is just a prototype, though it is expected to be launched at some point in 2012.

The latest generation of the Ivy Bridge platform was said to be used but the final device would need to be a lot thinner to officially use the name ‘Ultrabook’. There is still no announcement of its probable price, but seeing that it is now at the hands of a manufacturer may indicate an impending release in the near future.

The touch screen function also appeals to many as it is included in the hybrid presented by most companies, but GoWorld goes an extra mile by including Windows 8 as a traditional OS, thus, making convertible ultrabooks a better choice than just the usual laptop.

via netbooknews

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Written by: Björn A.