High-End Version of New iPads Get Extra Battery Life

Reports are coming in that Apple will be unveiling two versions of iPad3 this early 1012, one for the high-end segment and one for the mid-range segment. One rumored improvement of these new devices over their predecessor is longer battery span, which will be increased to 14,000mAH. HOwever, there are no confirmation yet from Apple’s battery suppliers, Simplo Technology and Dynapack, regarding on this.

There are also rumors that the screen size of the new iPads will stay the same but the resolution will be upped. Also, there’s every chance that Apple will be using dual LED bar technology in order to make the screen brighter.

Other features for the upcoming iPad models include A6 processors, two cameras (a 5 and 8 pixel variant) and that newly improved battery, which will be as high as 14,000mAh.

The release date for the new iPads will be on 26 January, which is also the date for the iWorld/Macworld conference.

via DigiTimes and TechRadar

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Written by: Björn A.