Hitachi launches quarter-inch thick Z-series hard drives for ultra-light notebooks and netbooks

While Hitachi-LG Data Storage makes pretty remarkable products as a team (like the recently unveiled HyDrive), Hitachi on its own is making moves in the desktop space, and its latest hard drive offering comes in 26% thinner than its predecessor.

Hitachi takes pride in its new Z-series hard drives for having a thickness of just a little over a quarter of an inch (0.27-inches, to be exact) while providing just as much storage space, speed and cache as its currently available 0.37-inch thick counterparts. The Hitachi Z-series is made up of a total of three different hard drives, namely, the Travelstar Z7K320 (a 7200rpm drive with 16MB cache), Travelstar Z5K320 (a 5400rpm drive with 8MB cache) and the CinemaStar Z5K320 (a 5400rpm drive with 8MB cache). The first one is intended for use in high-performance notebooks, the second one in low-power devices, and the third one for non-computing products such as set-top boxes, portable video players, DVR-enabled TVs and video surveillance systems.

Hard drives like this are just what manufacturers would need as they come up with new offerings, which for some reason seem to keep getting thinner and thinner with each new model. So don’t be surprised if you see any one of the three Z-series hard drive models in a new netbook or ultra-light laptop in the near future.

Via Computerworld

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