How to (Not To) Install Windows 7 Beta on an Acer Aspire One

If you’re a Window enthusiast, you’ve probably download Windows 7 beta by now and is already trying to install it on you machines. But since we are all netbook enthusiasts here, we are definitely interested to find out if Windows 7 can run smoothly on our precious netbooks, or at the very least have it installed on our little machines.

David of Electronicpulp was nice enough to brought our attention his experiences on trying to install Windows 7 on his Acer Aspire One. His unit has an 8GB SSD and Windows 7 takes only around 2.4GB so you’d think he’ll not have a problem, right?

Unfortunately his first try was not as successful as we could think. Somewhere along the way, the installation process stopped and left him a nice message. David has all the requirements as detailed in the Windows 7 Beta Download site. So what could be the problem?

Anyway he trying to install Windows 7 again starting from scratch. If you are planning to install Windows 7 Beta on your Acer Aspire One or other netbooks, David’s step-by-step procedures might help you out in this endeavor.

And while you’re at it, you might want to check out a success story as well.

And yes, goodluck David!

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Written by: Björn A.

  • Rich

    I have Win 7 dual booted with XP on an 1000H EeePC. The only minor problems are that the Asus VGA and Elan touch pad drivers won’t load under Win 7 so you get error warning messages about hot keys when you boot in Win 7.

    Other than that it works just fine and boots quickly.

  • Marco Mugnatto

    What takes about 2.4 GB is the installation ISO. When fully installed it takes almost 10GB…

  • Arnold Zafra

    Thanks for the tip Rich. Care to share how you did it for our reader who might be planning to install Win7 on their Eee PC 1000H?

    Marco – Thanks for pointing that out. Certainly useful.

  • Sean Kearney

    I found a clean install worked best for me. Drivers for the touchpad can be downloaded directly from Synaptics and Acer did have some Vista capable drivers. The other nice bit is running the driver updates in compatability mode since the INF’s are close but the install Wizards do an O/S check often.

    Aero interface works too.

  • kire

    I installed os7 with no problems at all, touch pad didn’t work at first but after a couple of restarts, it was just fine. All my programs worked except netStumbler which said it didn’t recognized my wireless card. My system works great with os7/Xp pro/ and ubuntu netbook edition.(Thanks to the grub loader)

  • naughtyornice


  • registrycleaner

    I have Win 7 dual booted with XP on an 1000H EeePC.

  • Dikkertje

    I use a aspire one A110 with the unbreakable 8GB SSD card, added some RAM (1,5gigs now) and further nothing special.

    Using VLite I shrunk win7 (removed mediac entre, chinese, japanese and korean languages, and lots of other rubbish I'dd never use on a netbook). The remaining ISO was about 1,8gigs. Put it on a USB using the MS program and startedthe install. No pain at all!

    Once running, I disabled about 70% of the services (or set to manual start), disabled hybernation to save space and disabled swapping to save speed (mighty slow SSD…) and now it's running even more smooth then XP ever did!

    At the moment I'm running Firefoxbrowser, am surfing for about 2 hours now and windows is running at 32 processes (37% of memmory used). Aero enabled and ready to start Live Messenger and working with office 2007.

    No prestation index available, an error occured that said my harddisk took too long for the operation (blame Intel for this slow SSD)