HP Officially Announces WebOS Slate

Well, official word has finally come out about the WebOS Slate. This comes after the recent announcement by HP VP Mark Hurd that they will be using the WebOS outside of smartphones. Everyone assumed that it was about an upcoming tablet release, however no official word has came out about it. Finally, an HP exec from Taiwan confirms that the WebOS Slate is in development, with a possible release by October. That’s a fast development cycle right there, since HP only bought Palm last month, though the buyout will only become final by July. Mr. Monty Wong, the VP who made the announcement, however did not confirm if WebOS will be the only OS available or will the option to use Windows 7 will still be there. Mr. Wong also announced that WebOS will not be used in any of HP’s netbook lines – a fascinating development choice to say the least.

Source: Liliputing

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Written by: Björn A.

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