Hot on the heels of the iPad ad shown during the Oscars, HP released its own promotional video on its upcoming contender to the tablet throne, the HP Slate. It shows off very similar features as the iPad though it does have Flash going for it.
The HP Slate runs on a Windows 7 OS and an x86 processor, which lets it do more than the iPad. With Flash built into it, users will be able to use anything from Adobe AIR apps to online games and opens it up to more (and free) applications.
But as you can guess, this won’t come in cheap. Most manufacturers I’ve seen who try to go head-to-head versus Apple’s mobile products either deliver equal performance at a higher price or subpar performance if they want to match Apple’s pricing. Check out the video clip below.
source liliputing

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  • Milen
    Wow, they use pinch to zoom multi-touch gesture in the video clip. Isn't it like "owned" by Apple? Aren't Apple suing HTC over the same thing right know? I can hear Apple patent hounds clanking their chains right now. :)
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