Huawei Releasing Windows 8 Tablet This Year?

Through previous reports, we heard of Toshiba, Lenovo and Dell to be listed as supporting company partners of the latest Windows 8 launch.

Yet, although this one has reportedly unofficial, it seems that another group from China is assumed to join the bandwagon too, the Huawei. This Chinese company is planning to unveil Windows 8 phones and Windows 8-based tablets, according to WPDang website.

This year, Huawei has just released a smartphone known for its ultra thinness and the first quad-core headset with an in-house CPU. Also, the company has come up 20 million shipments of smartphone units and aiming to deliver and reach as high as 60 million throughout this year.

However, for the tablets’ case, Huawei appears to fall short and failed to dash up on enticing the avid slate consumers. As for its MediaPad models, the company only gave its fans the advantage of being affordably priced.

Well, let’s just see if Huawei’s tablet units’ competence will be changed by this upcoming Windows 8 OS.

via wpsauce

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