IDC Says, Netbooks Good for the PC Industry

Despite the economic situation in the U.S., PC growth is still expected to hit a considerable high this year thanks to well, you guess it right – sales of low-cost laptops or what we all love to call, netbooks. That is according to a report by the IDC, an analyst firm that tracks global PC market trends.

IDC is reporting that actual PC shipments have actually increased on a worldwide scale. In fact, the increase was so phenomenal that it was more than what everybody in the industry was expecting.Yes, all hail our beloved netbooks (or shall we say, all hail the Eee PC’s?)

Now, for some more factual data and predictions. Shipment PC worldwide is still expected to grow by 15.7 percent this year, probably reaching 311 million units shipped before the year ends. And it will continue to grow although at a decreasing rate until 2012, reaching around 482 million units shipped by 2012.

The question now is, will the netbook industry able to sustain this growth in demand for more netbooks? When practically most of the major PC brands have released their netbooks at some point in time. From the economic point of view of PC makers, does offering netbooks at such low-cost enough to sustain their viability.

When practically every households own a netbook, will it be the end of the road for netbook demand?

IDC doesn’t think so for the netbooks have changed the way to gauge the consumer PC’s success. We are no longer talking here of one PC per household but one netbook per member of the household, or the number of machines per individual.

So, PC makers give us some more of those netbooks, will you?

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Written by: Björn A.