Inspiron Mini 9 in Red and Pink Available in Japan

The first Inspiron Mini 9 we saw back then was a red colored unit. But for no apparent reason what Dell released not so long ago was the black and white Inspiron Mini 9. We never heard of the Red Inspiron Mini 9 since then. Until now, as Engadget reports that the new shiny red Inspiron Mini 9 was spotted to be available now somewhere in Japan, with a bonus Pink model as well.

In addition to these two new punky colors of Dell’s netbook is a Platinum Package Inspiron Mini 9 Platinum Package featuring a 32GB SSD. Said Dell Inspiron Mini 9 with higher SSDs is available for around $565. The only question now is when these two Inspiron Mini 9′s will be available internationally.

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Written by: Björn A.