Intel Atom N280-Powered Netbooks Coming Soon

Intel announced that 10-inch netbooks utilizing its new Atom N280 processor will start hitting the market sometime in Q2 and Q3. Among netbook manufacturers who will be introducing these netbooks includeo Asustek, Acer and Gigabyte Technology.

And what’s the difference between the N270 which are being used by most 2nd generation of netbooks today to the N280?  The Atom N280 has a clock-speed of 1.66GHz as compared to the 1.6GHz of the N270. In addition, the N280 has a bus speed of 667MHz while the N270 only had 533MHz.

In terms of price, the Atom N280 is a bit pricey at around $60-65 in thousand-unit tray quantities as compared to the N270′s $46.

Incidentally, Asustek has already shown a new netbook which listed the N280 as the processor during the CES. This will be called the Eee PC 1004DN.

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