Intel Atom N2800 Benchmark Released

PassMark already has the Intel Atom N2800 benchmark results in their database. PassMark collects PC benchmarks done with their software on the users’ systems. The Intel Cedar Trail processor, N2800, a dual-core chip that runs on 1.86GHz scored 755 points.

Intel Atom N2800 BenchmarkAccording to PassMark, the N2800 is faster than the fastest processor for netbooks of the the previous generation, the Atom N570 that runs at 1.66GHz, which scored 633 points. When the processor is compared to AMD’s processors for small / budget laptops, the N2800 is almost the same in terms of raw processing power of the 1.66GHz AMD Fusion E-450 (756 points), the lower end C-60 Fusion is beatern by large margin having only a score of 565.

Unfortunately, the benchmark for N2800′s graphics solution is not available yet. That’s AMD’s advantage though, the low-end graphics solution.

In earlier benchmarks, the PC Mark 2005, the N2800 was way faster than the N570 but slower than the AMD E-450. The N2600 benchmarks are yet to arrive.

Source: Laptoping


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Written by: Björn A.