Intel Believes Ultrabooks Can Win Over Apple’s Macbook Air

According to Anand Kajshmanan, Intel product manager, Intel is fully determined to promote ultrabooks with touch support. The major reasons for the growing interest in ultrabooks are their increased ultra-responsiveness, portability, extended battery efficiency, smart visual performance, sleek cases and connectivity. Also, the improved security features of the device are among the key winning factors for the ultra slim notebooks.

Another key feature of this hybrid device is that it is expected to run in Windows 8 Operating System, hence it will have much advanced set of touch and gesture controls among other devices. The security enabled exposes the hardware features with Intel Anti-theft Technology and Intel Identity Protection Technology.

In comparison with Apple’s MacBook Air, the ultrabooks will offer an extended battery life because of the low-power Intel processors that will lengthen the battery usage. Although the MacBook Air and ultrabooks had pretty much the same specifications, Intel offers a better value like lower prices, wider application ecosystem and other more. A faster I/O such as USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt technologies are also part of Intel’s ongoing work to drive the PC platform forward.

With these great deals, this device will definitely give a tough competition to the touched-based tablets in the coming days.

via softpedia

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