Intel Disses NVIDIA Ion, Says It’s Overkill

It seems the folks at Intel and NVIDIA don’t get along well even if their machine do. Intel’s marketing director for netbooks Anil Nanduri touts that Broadcom’s new chip would be much more suited for netbooks, being cheaper and maybe even less power intensive. Most netbook buyers are looking for something that will last longer on the road as opposed to something with better graphics, a feature you won’t appreciate much with the small screen of these devices.

Intel’s design for the new Atom processors seems to exclude support for NVIDIA graphics but time will tell if this won’t be the case late on. But it’s clear that they want you to use your netbook as a secondary computer with another more powerful one handling your other more intensive tasks like watching HD video or gaming. A lot of folks have proven otherwise, though, and have pushed a bit on making Atom netbooks perform well in video playback and even games.

source Laptop Mag via liliputing, netbooked

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Written by: Björn A.