Intel, RCom and Asus announces MeeGo-based eee PC X101H Netbook in India


Asus collaborates with Intel and RCom to unveil the eee PC 101H netbook in India at a slashed cost of Rs 9,999. Previously we had introduced the MeeGo-packing ASUS Eee PC X101; we confirmed that its brother, the X101H accompanying Windows 7 onboard would also be available. Although it had also made its way through the FCC, the 10.1-inch netbook powered by Intel’s MeeGo OS that will be reserved for the market in the Asian country will come bundled with RCom’s NetConnect USB modem. Of course, this was intended to accelerate broadband penetration using the PC as a growth engine. Consumers will however have to pay in advance amount of Rs 12,499 which later they will qualify for monthly discounts amounting to Rs 2,500 on their RCom modem bill stretched over a few months. Intel also alleged working together with ASUS to make entry level Netbooks intended for the first time shoppers, students and consumers on the go.

Housing the same speck sheet as previously reviewed; the 101H uses Intel Atom processor (1.66GHz), 2.5-inch 250GB SATA hard drive and 1GB of DDR RAM. Thanks to Asus’ pre-installed app store, users can now download apps directly for MeeGo. It also accompanies DropBox with access online storage of 2GB and Open Office. We are not really enthused with its 3-cell battery, which Asus puts its battery life at 4 hours. And in India, we can’t  really be sure how users will welcome MeeGo OS as compared  to what many are used to – Microsoft‘s operating system. Asus also didn’t include Microsoft Windows 7 Starter Edition of the netbook. Who knows, maybe they have their calculations right, all we can say is good luck to the Netbook!


Source: Newbestgadget

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Written by: Björn A.