Intel Releases Different Variants of Cedar Trail

The Cedar Trail processor is hot on the news for a long while now and it seems like everything that we are talking about is a whole new story after all. Intel now officially announced this new series of Atom CPU and now we got a hold on further variants of the chip. The N series of this processor goes to the netbook lines while the D series is used in nettops. Below are the details of the differences of the various segments of the processor.



The difference between the Atom D2500 and D2550 is the frequency of the GPU. The N@600 and N2650 offers a difference of 100MHz on its clock and a 0.1W increas on its TDP. The N2850 is quite interesting as the first ever mobile Atom to reach 2GHZ with a TDP of 6.6W.

Source: Netbooknews

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Written by: Björn A.