Expect more netbooks having bigger screen sizes than 10-inch once Intel releases its latest processor the Atom N550 by the second half of 2010. Digitimes is reporting that Intel is finally lifting the restrictions on panel sizes of netbook using its procesor. This means that manufacturers can now bring in netbooks with 11.6 to 12.1 inch screen sizes.

In case you’re not aware, Intel has previously disallowed netbook manufacturers from bringing netbooks with larger than 10-inch screen so as not to cut into the demands for traditional notebooks which Intel supplies with processors as well.

Additionally, Intel has required that netbooks using Atom N550 should have 1GB of RAM and 32GB SSD or 32GB of HDD at the least.

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  • misGnomer
    Please gawd let us see some compact ARM-based netbooks on the shelves ASAP!

    Considering that Intel "owns" 80%+ of the CPU market, their artificial 3rd party component restrictions more than smack of anticompetitive tactics preventing netbook manufacturers and relabellers from trying out lower cost niches.

    I don't need no overweight spinning discs (HDD) or fans whirring to keep power hungry x86 chips from overheating. Nor do I need - nor want to pay for - Microsoft's unnecessary and virus-magnet software "designed" for the desktop.

    Just give me that 8"-10" ultrathin and ultralight whole-day ARM NETbook with 8GB to 20GB SSD so I can be mobile when using the *NET* while keeping most data and backups in the cloud... Any mobile-oriented and light-weight Linux distro will be just fine.
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