Intel’s Classmate PC not only rugged and resilient, but now on Cedar Trail CPU as well

Right, expect a few new twists (ahem, Dell), Intel’s education-focused Classmate PC has learned a few new tricks this year at CES 2012.



Intel has unveiled a renovated Classmate PC line that runs on Atom Cedar Trail CPU and is allegedly to give long-lasting battery life (about 10 hours from a single charge), a six-cell lithium-ion energy source ” where students can be able to carry out their entire activities on single charge” and thanks to its latest 45nm Intel Atom CPU (of course that means pure Pine Trail, right?). Additionally, there’s more austerity in the form factor, giving it added protection on the edges, increased water opposition of at least 100cc of liquid, plus an antimicrobial veneer for a cleaner environment.

Intel has also upgraded its Learning Series Software Suite, including additional shared classroom and IT-allied features. Intel also acknowledges that for every classroom there is a special need, hence they included various configurable options on the Classmate PCs. The netbooks can be packaged with Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit and Intel’s Learning Series software suite on board.


Source: PCMag

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