Intel’s New Dual-Core Atom to Increase Netbook Prices

Fudzilla is reporting that Intel maybe well on its way to introducing a new family of Atom CPUs for netbooks – the N550. The Intel Atom N550 CPU is a dual core processor with 1.5GHz frequency and 1MB cache stopping at 8.5WTDP. In case you’ve been following Intel’s CPU development, the single-core Atom which comes as either N455 or N475 have 512MB to 1GB memory and 16GB to 32GB SSD.

Aside from performance improvement, increased responsiveness and better multitasking, the most significant change that this new Atom Processor will bring is increase in netbook prices.

Currently, single-core Atom N455 or N475 based netbooks with 160GB or 250GB storage and runs either Windows 7 Starter or Linux costs $249 to $349. With the new Intel Atom processor N550, netbook prices might go as high as $349-$399 base price. Along with the increase in price is of course a recommended upgrade of its specs and features including standard 1GB of RAM, 20GB to 32GB SSD or 250GB HDD.

Intel plans to ship out the new Intel Atom CPU sometime in Q3 2010.

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Written by: Björn A.