Need a cool mobile Internet device running Windows XP? Look no further than the VIliv X70 MID. Intel’s Ultra Mobility Group marketing manager Rama can be seen in the above video playing with it and showing off its programs on top of the Windows XP operating system. The video description on YouTube goes:

Rama from Intel’s Ultra Mobility Group shows how she optimized an Intel Atom processor powered Viliv X70 mobile Internet device for microblogging, accessing entertainment and touch screen finger writing recognition apps for enjoying the full Internet on the go.

Hit play on the above video yourself to learn a thing or two about the Viliv X70 MID with Windows XP.

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  • GallagherEli
    This is like an improved iPod. Not only you can go surfing on the Internet (and the connection seems very good), or checking your music, videos and pictures, but you also have the touch screen finger writing recognition application. With that, you can simply "write" with your finger the name of the page you want to access. Can you also write emails or post something on social platforms with your finger?
    Gallagher Eli - Easy Saver Complaints
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