Introducing the Mobinnova Elan Netbook


Want a new netbook that is as big as a hardcover book, weighing less than 2 pounds and can give you 5 to 10 hours of high-definition video viewing? You might want to consider the Mobbinova Elan netbook.

Mobinnova may not really be trying to compete against the major netbook players as its Elan netbook is not quite at par with the 10-inch standards, but still it’s got some nice features and specs that might actually get considerable attention from netbook users.

Let’s see, the Mobinnova Elan netbook boasts of the following features and specs:

  • 8.9-inch screen
  • NVIDIA Tegra-based platform
  • QWERTY keyboard and touchpad
  • 5-10 hours continous HD video playback
  • 24 hours of continous audio playback
  • Wi-Fi and 3G
  • 3D Graphical User Interface
  • Microsoft Office and Adobe document viewer
  • webcam

Looking at the Mobinnova Elan netbook’s photo, I would have to admit that this netbook looks dandy and cool. No words on pricing and availability yet.

Via Gadget Lab

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Written by: Björn A.