iPad 2 gets a quiet hardware update

When Apple announced the third generation iPad known simply as the “new iPad”, their second generation iPad models saw a price reduction with the price point now starting at £329 compared to £399. What Apple neglected to mention however, is that the iPad 2 has had a small hardware upgrade.

The original iPad 2 had a 45nm A5 processor, while newer iPad 2 models are shipping with a 32nm processor. These are more power efficient and give and estimated 16% improvement in battery life for browsing and is estimated to offer 30% more battery life while gaming.

Of course there will be some of the old model’s floating around and unfortunately the only way to tell if you have the improved iPad 2 is by using an app such as Linpack or Geekbench to identify the model number. The iPad 2s with the newer processors have the model number iPad2,4 while older models will be iPad2,1, iPad2,2 and iPad2,3. It’s also likely that the iPad 2s with the older 45mn processor will have 5.0.1 or older running while newer iPad 2s should have 5.1 out the box.


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Written by: Björn A.