iPad 3 with 8MP Integrated Cam Featured

A new leak from China regarding the next-generation iPad details several possible features of the device as the release date approaches.

The iPad 3, which is set to be launched on March 7th, will supposedly have an 8 MP rear camera, like the one on the iPhone 4S. This is a great improvement over the camera found on the iPad 2, which had an unspecified megapixel count that is about less than 5 MP.

Another much awaited feature is the ultra high-resolution retina display, also found on the iPhone 4S. This technology is based on very small pixels that measure only 78 micrometers in width. This also improves the viewing angle on the device, which means that even if it is tilted, the display would be clear. Lastly, the material of which the display is made makes the device more durable.

The casing of would be similar to the iPad 2’s, although it would be slightly different with a tapering design towards the edges. A new quad-core A6 processor is expected to be found on the device. Lastly, 4G LTE connectivity is also likely.

Apple expects to maintain their leadership in tablet production with the iPad 3, which it had been successful in doing so given last year’s market share data.

via bgr

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