iPad Market Share Drops to 57%, While Kindle Fire Reaches 14%

Apple’s tablet market share is declining more quickly nowadays, and iPad going from 64% to 57% in the past 3 months, according to iSuppli. It seems that drop was caused by Amazon’s sale of 3.9 million Kindle Fire units in the 6 weeks leading to Christmas.

The Amazon tablet placed second in the tablet category, along with the Galaxy Tab following it at 8% and the Barnes & Noble Nook at 7%. What’s makes the statistics wierd is that the iPad sales didn’t drop, instead the Kindle Fire had to rise on its own and expand the segment by itself. It appears that people who didn’t buy a tablet before went ahead and tried Amazon’s gadget. Apple posted record sales of 15.4 million units for the iPad in Q4 2011, so it would be strange if they were affected by the Kindle Fire.

However, the market changes and Apple could definitely use a smaller and cheaper slate, though Steve Jobs didn’t believe in the 7 inch format. Competition may heat up once Amazon decides to go big with a 10 inch and maybe quad core tablet, that will once again be priced at around $250.

via tabletnews

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Written by: Björn A.