‘iPad Mini’ Seems A Threat to Android Tablet PC Vendors

Various tablet PCs are now coming in and out in the market-those with dominant sizes, colors and even with significant prices. However, what makes tablet PCs more appealing are their specs, features and built-in apps.

Suppliers of most known tablets are somewhat feel uptight about spreading reports of Apple’s working on an iPad Mini to be launched few months from now.

The name itself is likely to be intriguing. According to reports, this rumored tablet may feature a 7-inch high-res touch screen. If this came out to be cheaper and really smaller than the former released iPads, hence, market sales of other tablets offered by even the most popular names in the tablet space such as Samsung and ASUS would be in peril.

If that so, slate vendors especially the Android ones better to be prepared and be equipped in facing a hard rivalry with Apple through its very own iPad creation.

via bgr

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Written by: Björn A.