iPad Mini to Launch in October for $200 – $250?

Rumors for the launch of iPad mini won’t seem to die, hence just giving the public a wide space for speculations of its real birth. Apple’s solid watcher, iMore which happens to conduct news regarding some Apple’s products before, has now come up with a report about releasing a smaller version of iPad this coming October.

But the good news in here isn’t the petite size actually, but the rumored price of the tablet. According to the iMore site, the iPad mini might reach a price between $200 and $250—with a much like cost difference compared with the tab’s preceding versions. Perhaps, this might something Amazon Kindle Fire would be really concerned of.

Apparently, the iPad mini will have 7.85 inches screen size against the standard 9.7 inches of the previous tablet model. Also, what would actually turn the head of consumers unto this upcoming device is that it will also feature the latest Retina Display technology–same with the iPad 3, having a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels.

Hence, if these rumors would be true, then this might be again a hit kick for Apple due to its convincing quality plus its reasonable valued price.

via imore

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  • monopole

    Apple is painting itself into a corner if this is true. The resolution is way over the top for 7″ (a result pf the inflexibility of iOS’ legacy resolution limits) which will require more processing and battery capacity. The other downside is that without rescaling the interface the experience will be inferior. While Android products range from 1.5″ (motoACTV) to ~100″ (Google TV) Apple has stuck to two sizes. It’s vaunted lack of “fragmentation”  will suffer.

    The worst bit is the price. Apple is built on insanely great margins. The margin on such a configuration will be razor thin. Comparable android tablets will be able to slash prices and add features such as a stylus while keeping a better margin. A transition to higher resolutions but still lower than such an insane dpi will be possible.

    Wild success would be terrible for Apples bottom line.