iPad pre-orders soar to over 150K units

Rumor has it that the pre-order figures for the iPad for the first 72 hours it went on sale reached up to 152,000 units. That’s based on an estimate by avid Apple analyst Daniel Tello calculated that for Fortune and added that Apple should hit the celebratory 1 million mark two weeks from its shipping date, around April 17 or thereabouts. The estimate he gave didn’t include iPads reserved for pick-up. For comparison, the iPhone got to the big 1M 74 days after launch.

You have to admit, it’s a bit of an enthusiastic estimate considering only a handful of million tablets are sold each year. Apple might change all of that though, in the same way that the iPhone changed the smartphone market dynamic. If you’re a bit shifty due to this news, I feel for you. It looks like I’ll have to wait quite a while for stocks of the iPad if demand is this strong.

source AAPL Model

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Written by: Björn A.