Is This the Real Google Galaxy Nexus Tablet?

If you’re curious and would want to do some research on the web about how the new Galaxy Nexus tablet looks like, then you’ll probably come across a photo with a resemblance in the classic Galaxy Nexus tablet. The tablet image comprises of a red wallpaper and Google product icons were placed on the screen.

These are all speculations, however, and yet unknown unto where this photo has came from; but some clues point it to the direction of the new Galaxy Nexus though.

Based on the image, there are no third party applications or widgets that users usually see on a Samsung, Viewsonic or Motorola unit. Yet, the most obvious proof that this might be the new Galaxy Nexus tablet so far, is the Ice Cream sandwich soft keys.

The Market icon is also intriguing since it hasn’t been replaced with the new Play Store widget. However, the rumors are still on vague except for this spotted photo.

Tablet fanatics may be very excited for the arrival of this newest slate family member, but it seems that patience must be their virtue while waiting for the final details of the rumored Google Nexus tablet.

via pocketnow

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