JooJoo hits the FCC, shows its guts and more

We got a flurry of news regarding the CrunchPad, er the JooJoo tablet. It finally hit the FCC to show of what it’s made of. It has a non-removable battery and will carry the older Atom N270 CPU but paired with a NVIDIA Ion for graphics capabilities.

Aside from WiFi, the tablet also has a 3G modem in it which means it might come in two versions like the iPad – one with 3G and one without. It also confirms that the JooJoo will have a measly 4GB of internal storage.

Further digging revealed that the tablet runs on Windows Vista in some test setup photos though how the 4GB storage will take such a bloated OS is beyond me. You won’t see this in the production model though, as it will run Linux but the company behind the tablet, Fusion Garage, was kind enough to share some screenshots of its new user interface.

It now has a grid of icons on top of a user-customizable wallpaper. New features include two-finger scrolling and single-finger panning, two keyboard modes for both one-handed and touch-typing use. The chassis of the JooJoo has been changed from black to champagne. We have more pics below.

source wireless goodness, Engadget

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Written by: Björn A.